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        About UsYour Position : Home > About Us

        We, Ningbo Dingnuo Electric Co., Ltd., was founded in 2008, focus on reactive power compensation and harmonic control in power system over 8 

        years. We offer the best products  and professionalcustomer service based on advanced technology. We offer the package solution including the product 

        R&D, sales and customer service to solve customer power quality problem.

        After 8 years' fast growth, Ningbo Dingnuo Electric has grown to a professional company in power quality industry in China., we passed the ISO9001:2008 

        certification and the products passed the CE, LVD and CCC certification. Because of focused on the technical, we got over 20 different patents which all 

        used in our products already. All of our products produced according the GB/IEC standard strictly, widely used in metallurgical, petrochemical , automotive 

        industry and the municipal engineering, and running well in every project.

        Believe and choose Ningbo Dingnuo Electric, just from now.